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Why Keep My Home Phone?

While we are definitely in the Age of the Cell Phone, there are still a few key reasons why America shouldn’t “cut the cord” on their home landline services. For instance, last autumn shortly after Hurricane Katrina took its toll, hundreds of New York residents lined various streets waiting to use payphones. Why? Because a whopping 25% of cell phone towers all along the east coast were knocked out.

Between the years of 2006 and 2011 the number of cellphone-only households has more than doubled. But in some cases it has been said that landlines can actually serve as lifelines. Here are some examples of how this may be possible.

Although wireless cellphones are definitely convenient in the sense that they are portable, what happens in the situation that you are unable to get a signal?

In many rural locations it is nearly impossible for residents to get a clear reception on their cell phones, and since landlines only rely on copper lines that are ran underground, this makes the occasional unreliability of electricity or radio waves null and void. Also, in the case of an emergency it is difficult for 911 to pinpoint your location on a cell phone versus a home phone. Or let’s say that you and your family have recently purchased a home and plan on having a home security alarm system. If that’s the case, a home landline is a necessity in order for the alarm to trigger a connection to a dispatcher during a potential home-invasion.

This topic will most likely become more debatable with innovations and advances in technology as we move forward in time, but we at Frontier think that it safe to say that having a home phone may seem obsolete, but can really prove more useful and reliable than cellphone coverage. Especially since Frontier is the largest provider nationwide that serves rural areas, we also agree that a landline may be a potential life saver. That’s why we start our bundle package for Frontier Internet and phone at $19.99 per month.

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