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Rural America, We Care!

Just as everything in life, living in rural areas has its pros and cons. Examples of the good side of it may be things like no noisy neighbors, lots of privacy, scenery, less pollution and best of all no 5 o’clock traffic. So far it sounds like a much needed vacation, but there is one very important piece to this country-style living that seems to be missing more times than not. Wanna take a whack at it? Yep, a decent high-speed Internet connection. That’s when Frontier enters the picture.

We fear that people in rural America are beginning to accept the cold reality that dial-up is their only Internet option, but not any longer.

We have quite literally become the new frontier for high-speed Internet in rural areas. With a $71.9 million acceptance from the FCC Connect America Fund, Frontier has one intention in mind – expand the connectivity in under-served and most importantly, unserved areas. In the meantime, while Frontier’s DSL or FiOS lines are not yet ran in certain areas, we have decided to partner-up with HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet. With speeds up to 50-100x faster than silly ol’ dial-up, we hope to cause a nation-wide shift in the discovering of high-speed in rural areas. Settle no longer, we have you covered.

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