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Looking for faster internet that you can afford?  Frontier DSL internet is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great balance of speed and budget. DSL internet service stands for digital subscriber line, and is one of the most commonly recognizable types of internet service today.  Frontier also offers FiOS, a cutting edge, lightning-fast internet service that transmits data through fiber optic cables, but right now FiOS services are still available only in a limited geographic range.  If you are outside that range and in Frontier’s service range, you almost certainly can get DSL internet. Frontier DSL lines run throughout the country, servicing urban and rural areas.


DSL Internet

What can you do with DSL?  DSL can provide you with fast upload and download speeds (you can expect download speeds of up to 6 Mbps) which are ideal for multimedia applications like watching videos and listening to music.  They are also fast enough to support online gaming.  With speeds which are fast enough to support intensive applications, everyday tasks like loading websites and checking your email can be near-instantaneous.

DSL Phone

DSL is wired in such a way that wired telephone services can use the same lines as the internet services.  Higher frequency bands for data make this possible.  Frontier DSL phone services allow you to enjoy crystal clarity in all of your calls, and to enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling, all for one flat rate.  You also get enhanced features like voicemail as part of the service.

Frontier DSL Bundles

Frontier DSL bundles offer you a great way to reduce your costs and enjoy more services.  If you are willing to bundle services together, you can typically qualify for discounts that would not otherwise be offered to you, especially for your first few years of service.  After that, rates may go up, but will usually still be less expensive than the services would be if you purchased them separately.

Since the DSL internet and phone lines are joined together, it makes total sense for Frontier to offer you an excellent rate on bundled phone and internet services. Purchased separately, you’d pay $27.99 per month for essentials phone, or $34.99 per month for high speed internet.  Frontier also offers you the option of bundling DSL internet, phone, and DISH® Satellite TV for $82.97 per month.


Why Choose Frontier Communications?

Frontier Communications is the sixth largest local exchange carrier in the United States, and serves many undeserved rural communities and small towns.  The company is well known for its commitment to offering customers superior, cutting-edge telecommunications solutions, and for providing top-notch customer service.  If you have questions about Frontier DSL internet, then contact customer service today.  Be sure to ask about bundles and discounts so that you can lock in the best rate for your DSL internet and phone services!



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