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Frontier Cable Starting at $34.99/month. Free HD DVR And Installation Order Today ! If you love catching the latest shows, you’ll definitely want to check into Frontier Cable, one of the hottest Frontier Communications offers.  Frontier’s cable TV service plans are known as “DISH Plans,” because you receive your internet service via a satellite dish.  There are a number of different frontier cable packages available depending on how many channels you want and what kind of price you’re aiming for, with packages starting as low as $34.99.


  • America’s Top 250: Over 290 channels including 17 movie channels for $49.99.
  •  America’s Top 200:  More than 240 channels including premium sports channels for $44.99.
  •  America’s Top 120:  Basic cable plan with more than 190 channels for just $34.99.


… And those are just the deals you can get without bundling.  Price is locked in for a full year.  The channels are delivered digitally, and you are given HD free for life.  There are also Dish CD and SiriusXM music channels and a two room DVR service.  Installation is free and done by professionals with no charge for the equipment you need to receive the signals.

 Why Frontier + DISH TV?

 Frontier cable TV is a reliable, comprehensive service.  No matter what you’re into watching, you will find tons of different channels and shows which appeal to your tastes.  There’s something for everyone:  Nostalgic viewers and film lovers will love stations like Turner Classic Movies and TV Land, and sports fans can enjoy NFL Network, MLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, and more.  Depending on your zip code, you can also receive a regional sports network station to watch local teams and games which aren’t broadcasted nationwide.  Nature channels include Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild, and more.  Commercial free movie channels give you access to your favorite movies and new films you’ve never seen before at a great price.

You’ll also get all the classic stations you expect your in your frontier cable package to include, like CNN, the Disney Channel, SyFy, TLC and the Discovery Channel.  The more comprehensive the package you purchase, the more specialty channels will be included in your dish network offer.

Frontier + DISH TV Package Bundles

If you’re interested in getting high speed internet, television, and digital phone, then you will want to check into Frontier Communications bundles.  These plans allow you to order multiple services at once as a single package, for a reduced cost.  The Frontier Connections Premium bundle plan allows you to receive all three services:  DISH® Satellite TV, Frontier Phone, and Frontier High Speed Internet.

The cost starts out at just $82.97 per month, and is Frontier’s most popular package.  You have the option of locking in your price for an extended time period.  There is also a bundle available for just high speed internet and phone called Frontier Connections Advantage, which starts at $47.98 per month.  So you’re getting a great deal if you throw in the DISH Satellite cable TV service when you consider how low that overall price is!


Remember, all prices are subject to availability and change.

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