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Great! Upgrading means no more tied-up phone line, no more waiting just to connect to the Internet. Even our basic speed is 50x faster than dial-up. With high-speed Internet, you’ll be able to check all your emails, share photos, surf the web to your hearts content, pay bills, chat with friends and family, even play games! Most importantly, we have prices that fit everyone’s budget.

Absolutely! We guarantee that we have what you’re looking for when it comes to Surf & Talk. Looking for TV service as well? We can bundle Frontier services with the nation’s cheapest and most popular television provider; Dishnetwork. Everything will be conveniently billed in a single monthly statement. Already a Dishnetwork customer and are looking to bundle with new Frontier services? No problem, we can take care of that too.

Our speeds range from dial-up to 35 Mbps. Work from home with ease, game online with no interruptions, you can even double your Internet speed by adding a 2nd Frontier Internet line. No contract. Price is locked in. 24/7 live U.S.-based Tech Support. Doesn’t get much more simple than that!

Not necessarily. The Internet speed you want is going to be what determines that. For example, dial-up Internet requires a telephone, but if Frontier FiOS is available then a phone line is not required. Keep in mind that bundling phone anyway will make you eligible for limited-time promotions and huge monthly discounts.

Yes, local & long distance. As well as a ton of call features.

No you will not. If you already have a modem or router, it’s probably compatible with Frontier Internet. If you don’t, we’ll give it to you for free as a new customer and there’s no monthly fee for it.

The largest Frontier FiOS markets are in Indiana, Washington and Oregon at the moment. In qualifying areas FiOS single-plays and bundles are available. Call in to check qualification.

If you live in a FiOS-ready area, yes!

Not only do we bundle your services, we’ll bundle it all on one bill. Don’t want a bill at all? Go Green and pay your bill online!

Nope. We’ll even lock your price in for up to 2 years.

Have a different question? Feel free to contact us. Our Frontier experts are happy to help. Call us at 800-307-0756

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