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Why Keep My Home Phone?

While we are definitely in the Age of the Cell Phone, there are still a few key reasons why America shouldn’t “cut the cord” on their home landline services. For instance, last autumn shortly after Hurricane Katrina took its toll, hundreds of New York residents lined various streets waiting to use payphones. Why? Because a whopping 25% of cell phone towers all along the east coast wer…

The Best of Both Worlds

Frontier has rolled out a new promotion for all those potential customers that are considering the switch but haven’t quite made it yet; and equally, existing customers can take advantage of this offer as well. Upon reviewing some consumer suggestions on how Internet providers can improve their services, we stumbled across a pretty popular question.
“Why can’t I just get Internet without…

Rural America, We Care!

Just as everything in life, living in rural areas has its pros and cons. Examples of the good side of it may be things like no noisy neighbors, lots of privacy, scenery, less pollution and best of all no 5 o’clock traffic. So far it sounds like a much needed vacation, but there is one very important piece to this country-style living that seems to be missing more times than not. Wanna take a…

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